MBSE, SysML, Systems Engineering, Requirements Engineering

Module 0 Introduction to SE

-A system and its properties
-The system life cycle
-Systems engineering and its main tasks
-System development alternatives. Agile development

Module 1
Introduction to MBSE and SysML notation

 -Why MBSE?

-The diverse uses of a model
-Main SysML diagrams used by ISE&PPOOA MBSE methodology

Module 2
ISE&PPOOA methodology

-Engineering principles applied
-ISE&PPOOA ontology
-ISE&PPOOA methodological processes
*Main MBSE process
*Software architecting process

Module 3
Mission dimension

-Context modeling
-Use and mis use cases modeling
-Operational needs

Module 4
Functional architecture

 -Function as a transformation

-Functional hierarchies modeling
-Functional interfaces- N square chart
-Functional flows modeling
-Function description and functional requirements

Module 5
Physical architecture

 -Blocks and parts

-Functional allocation and modularity
-Physical Interfaces
-Modular architecture modeling
-Documenting parts

Module 6
Refining the physical architecture

-Architectural tradeoff

-Heuristics and its use for refining the architecture (architectural, reliability, safety, resilience, usability and real-time software)
-Refined architecture modeling

Module 7
Requirements engineering

-Types of requirements

-Requirements visual models

-Requirements flowdown

-Requirements templates

Module 8
Industrial processes engineering

-Defining the industrial plant envelope

-Modeling the industrial plant/processes

-Use of SysML constraint blocks

-Dimensional analysis as a best practice for engineering

Module 9
PPOOA software architecture framework

-PPOOA building blocks vocabulary and metamodel

-Domain modeling

-PPOOA views and diagrams

-PPOOA architecting processes

-PPOOA guidelines

Module 10
System modeling example

Put into practice what you have learned from the ISE&PPOOA methodology to make an example with an MBSE tool
-Mission dimension diagrams
-System dimension diagrams

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