PPOOA, Processes Pipelines in Object Oriented Architectures is an architectural style for software intensive architectures where concurrency is a main concern. It can be used when individual paths of execution are required to be concurrent and several processes may be positioned along the path to control the action.





ISE&PPOOA webinar at INCOSE UK MBSE Group. April 29, 2020


Practical Model-Based Systems Engineering is a new book with examples about the ISE&PPOOA method.(See the publications section of this site)

ISE&PPOOA/Energy is a new extension of this MBSE method to deal with energy efficiency issues for industrial processes.(See the publications section of this site)

ISE&PPOOA is referenced as one of the MBSE methods in the 2014 MBSE Survey by AFIS (Association Française d'Ingénierie Système)


A Doctoral Thesis on Model Based Self-Awareness Patterns for Autonomy, and using the ISE&PPOOA process, was presented at  the Madrid Technical University (UPM), Madrid (Spain), 17 October 2013. 


PPOOA is referenced in the survey of architecture frameworks. The specification of architecture frameworks is one area of standardization in ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010:2011 (the international revision of IEEE 1471:2000):


We extended the PPOOA process to include systems engineering activities. The new process is named ISE&PPOOA (Integrated Systems Engineering  & PPOOA). ISE&PPOOA is described in the MBSE OMG wiki :


PPOOA and the INCOSE MBSE Initiative. "Methodology and Metrics Activity. Overview, Update & Breakout Agenda". International Workshop. Phoenix, AZ, USA.  28 Jan- 2 Feb 2011.


See the PPOOA new features related to schedulability analysis, execution simulation and deadlock detection.



A Doctoral Thesis on deadlock risk assessment  for PPOOA architectures was presented at  the Madrid Technical University (UPM), Madrid (Spain), 17 May 2010.


PPOOA-Cheddar approach for architecting and evaluating real-time software architectures was presented at Ada Europe 2009  Conference, Brest (France) June 2009.


PPOOA and the Survey of MBSE Methodologies. OMG Technical Meeting Special Event. Santa Clara (California). December 2008


PPOOA users community is growing. Software architects from USA, Spain, Germany, France, Holland, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Israel, Finland and India have requested the free PPOOA tool and sw architecting method.

Diverse seminars dealing with ISE_PPOOA MBSE methodology and PPOOA architecture framework are offered. Download the seminar brochure and contact us if you are interested in them.


Updated July 15,  2022.